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Service Centre

We realize that service centres may occasionally find themselves overwhelmed with high volumes of repairs and urgent work while not having the resources to ensure that promised delivery times are met.

TimeRevolution.com is pleased to offer its services as a subcontractor to help address this issue. As a subcontractor, we will help you save money on manpower and technical facilities, and will help meet your customers’ demands promptly. This eliminates the need to hire more permanent staff, commit further resources, and  risk missing promised due dates.

Our subcontractor services provide the ff:

  • Consistent high quality of repairs. We have master technicians with over 150 years of combined experience in the field. We have repaired over 1 million watches.
  • Guaranteed delivery by promised dates.
  • Free written estimates for repairs and maintenance work whenever requested, regardless of nature of work or amount involved.
  • Latest technology for watch cleaners, timers, and waterproof testers from Vibrograf., Elma Tools, and other top instrument makers – ensuring scientific treatment wherever necessary. Water-resistance test equipment up to 100ATM.
  • Secured premises that are fully monitored through digital video and various physical locking mechanisms
  • Able to handle higher volumes or service jobs because of our technical and financial resources.
  • 1-800 toll-free customer service from 8am – 5pm EST daily

Advantages of Subcontracting to TimeRevolution.com

Change your outlook on TimeRevolution.com as a direct competitor into that of an associate. It’s good business for everyone. Subcontracting to us would mean cost-savings to your company in terms of additional infrastructure and staff. It will also help build your credibility in the industry when you meet promised deadlines. On top of these we also offer financial incentives to our associate service centres. If you are interested in this mutually beneficial arrangement please contact Mr. K.S. Rupra, TimeRevolution.com CEO, at 905.282.1921 to discuss details.